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June 2, 2016
Jule really enjoyed her herself and she definitely wants to go again. Her guest mother, Eveline, was very patient and Jule liked her so much that she immediately wrote to her telling her how much she had enjoyed staying with her. Even having English lessons wasn’t painful! She came home a happy and self-confident girl, content with herself and the world. Everything was perfect. Best wishes, Katja

June 2, 2016
We’ve only been back a week and already school life has taken over. It’s unbelievable! But it feels different this time, we feel a new strength from having been so well cared for during the  wonderful 10 days we had in the UK. Thank you for organising everything so perfectly, we really appreciate it.  Best wishes, Leni and Katja

May 31, 2016
Thank you very much for the photos. Julius had a fabulous time and he was extremely happy with his host family. He’s already talking about going next year! Our thanks to you for organizing everything so well. Best wishes Jutta

May 30, 2016
You went to Jaime Oliver’s? Wow! My kids didn’t mention it, so I didn’t have a clue!! They both thoroughly enjoyed themselves and were in high spirits when they arrived home on Thursday. I’d like to thank you and Mary for rising to the challenge of keeping them all happy and safe!  Best wishes, Anja

April 16, 201
Thank you so much for the photos. Niklas was ecstatic about his trip to London. Once again his host family was a perfect match and I did not once detect any sign of discontent between the boys. There wasn’t one “I miss you”. We probably missed him more than he missed us. I’d definitely like to discuss next year with you – maybe we can chat on the phone sometime soon? I’ll ask Philip if he wants to go to England again with Niklas, and I’d like Tobias to try it out next year for the first time. Have a good week and see you soon. Best wishes, Andrea

April 15, 2015
Our boys really enjoyed themselves and theoretically they’d like to go again. Kind regards, Martina

September 15, 2014                
I’d like to compliment you and say “thank you” for a brilliant trip. It was fabulous and I’m overjoyed to say that Max has now really got the hang of the language. Meanwhile he’s been writing mails to Pat – a true friendship is in the making. I’m sure Theo will notice a difference in his English when he goes back to school. He really enjoyed himself too.  It is so reassuring that you handpick the host families. From what I gather, they were all incredibly nice. Warm regards, Anja

September 14, 2014
Nicolas was really happy about his week in England. I can see that he really enjoyed himself. Thank you for organizing everything so well. Best wishes, Isabelle and Jörg

August 21, 2014
Philipp really enjoyed his first language trip to England and he’s already making plans with the other boys to go again next year. The host family took excellent care of him and they even sent us a card! Apparently the host mother worked magic in the kitchen and Philipp said it was like eating in a restaurant. The trip was an absolute success. We as parents felt that everything was very well organized and that Philipp had returned with lots of new experiences and had become a little bit more independent. Best wishes from Ludwigsburg, Christina

April 16, 2014
I thought England was really cool. The host family was very nice. The programme was really exciting, especially the last Thursday when we went punting in Cambridge. Philipp