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Practise English 24 hours a day

Targeted and methodical lessons are combined with extensive recreational activities in a local foreign language environment. This exact combination - only offered by a language trip abroad - extends and cements your child’s foreign language skills.

The children and teenagers live with host families. This way they get an unfiltered feel for the British way of life and at the same time can practice their knowledge of the language on a daily basis. They also experience first-hand that there’s so much more to learning a language than just for learning’s sake as they do in school. It’s about building new life skills, such as building relationships with new people, eg: host families and new friends, communicating effectively whether it’s asking a question in a museum or buying something in a shop.

Having Fun is also part of the curriculum

Limiting the number of participants guarantees that each child gets the right amount of time and attention. During lesson time the children are divided into small groups according to their age and language skills.

Our qualified teachers are native speakers. They also know that a child who is willing and feels motivated to learn is just as important as the books and materials they learn from. Using methods that are both playful and creative ensures that learning with us is fun.

Lasting effect

The objective is to create an life-long enthusiasm for another language and culture that will last long after the course is over. Living with a host family allows your child to immerse him/herself totally in a new way of life. This reinforces a child’s motivation to continue to improve and extend his/her language skills.