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Conny von Scholley

Conny von Scholley has always been passionate about languages and travel. She studied French, English and Spanish and has visited these countries extensively. She joined Lufthansa and travelled the world – a perfect fit for her skills and personality. Through this experience she realised that understanding a language was one thing, but speaking it was the real challenge and the key to understanding a foreign culture and its people. Later, as a mother of two boys, Conny knew she wanted to share this knowledge not only with her sons, but with children and young adults around her. Founding a language school in her home town of Stuttgart for pre-school and school children was the first step. This was followed by further experience at Wall Street English teaching adult learners of all levels. By setting up "go UK! Sprachreisen", Conny finally combined her love of travelling with her passion for teaching.

Mary Conlon-Förster

Mary studied German and French at Wolverhampton University. After her studies she moved to Frankfurt where she worked as a P.A. for a major American Bank. Mary and her family now live in Freiburg and she teaches English part-time.